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August 01, 2011



The photo of Ben & Ruby is sweet. And I love the photos of Ben washing your car :) Summer looks blissful at the Vega household.


i LOVE the picture of ben pointing the hose straight up! and it's really sweet that the kids still enjoy each other's company.


I love these little snapshots into your lives there in the great Northwest. I laughed when I noticed the change in tablecloth from the pretty floral print that Ben wasn't happy with to the solid that I'm sure he likes much better:)


You are such a creative mom!! Tell Ashlyn I love her room!! :) If I were her age I'd think it was so cool too!! I love her shelf and mirror! The whole room is cute! looks like a quiet summer out there on the farm!! :)


There is so much about this post that made me smile: the craftiness of your beautiful daughter (and especially the fact that she uses what she made - I noticed her dream catcher hanging over her bed in her room), your love for the simple things in life such as your coffee and wild flowers, the thoughtfulness in your son washing your car for you (and watering the flowers- and himself),the board games (around here it's all video games until I insist someone play with me and use my video game ignorance to get them to sit at the table for a board game!) - I too noticed the change in tablecloth -still laughing about that one, I love the vunerablility shown by the men in your life as they snuggle up on your lap (how lovely), saw the growth chart on FB and loved it (thanks for making it easier for us to find the tutorial), and last - the story of the YMCA and Adam teaching your kids to swim. I can't imagine trying to teach them at an older age! Mine pretty much just taught themselves as I'd put the appropriate floatations on them until one day they didn't want/need them anymore! But I know exactly what you mean about how attractive ones husband can be when they show such patience & love toward their children as they teach them something new, so sweet!


I love your version of my Ruler Growth chart! It turned out awesome! :)

amy j

I have that table cloth! ; )


Beautiful pictures!

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