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August 15, 2011



nice job bug :-)


you got some awesome photos! love it


Great Pictures!! Did you all plan to wear plaid? :) Looks like fun! I love doing stuff like that!


WOW! That photo of Adam at the Bar Grill wearing the white hat - MAN! He favors Grandpa Jinks! (Papa to all the cousins) oh, and thanks for making me tear up (the photo of Adam & Ashlyn lovin on each other), lovely.


Mandy, that's funny. Even though i never met Papa, i think the same thing!! more so since adam got his thicker glasses. But from the profile, i often think it.

Shannon, lol. I guess that's what happens when one person picks out the clothes! you are in the mood for something and it unconciously goes to everyone! ashlyn picked her own, and it shows! ;)


ha! i thought of papa, too, when i saw the new glasses. erin, luis got a kick out of all the plaid when we were out there for scott's wedding. he's always thought i belonged in the "sticks" and my plaid family didn't help my case! great pictures. what a fun day :)

Joyce Black

We took the kids there when they were in high school. Loved it! Great pictures!!!

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